Make your preschool/daycare's
"In House" Field Trip Amazing, Unforgettable and Fun!

Hi busy preschool/daycare director,

Thank you for your request regarding one or more preschool/daycare presentations for your school. I offer several different "Young Folks" Magic and Balloon shows, making sure there's a program that is friendly to every one's needs. Regardless of what package you choose...

Everyone will laugh, be amazed and
your children will have a great time! GUARANTEED!

A review from 2014 - note that the Bible messages are mentioned because that is what this school requested,  I can, of course do another message for your group, or just a fun and silly show - Your choice!

My preschool/daycare shows are developed for preschools and churches. Each show is typically thirty five - forty minutes long (however, I am flexible and can usually design a program to fit in with YOUR needs increasing or decreasing the actual show time) and includes Fun Magical Illusions and Amazing Balloon Creations. Additionally, if you'd like, I can design a program to teach your kiddos ANY topic. Just give me enough notice, and I can craft the show however you'd like.

Check out the programs below for specific teachings.  After you decide what program/programs you'd like for Your preschool/daycare, just fill in the spiffy form at the bottom of the page.  Include the day/date/time you'd like my show.  Choose the show you'd like in the drop down menu.  If you'd like more than one show, mention that in the "comments" section and I will be in touch with you via phone or email.

To make it even easier for you, only a small deposit is required AFTER I confirm that I have the date/time available (I will send you details about how to make that deposit in another email).

For your convenience, the balance is due immediately FOLLOWING the performance via cash, check, money order or any major credit card.

Preschool/Daycare Magic & Balloon Shows Available
Teachers are Heroes

In a fun and creative way, I teach the children about safety and the importance of listening to their teachers.

  • Fun  - Interactive messages
  • Reasons to listen to their teachers
  • Who the true heroes are in their lives
I Like America

This show celebrates freedom in America. I combine elements and quotes from America's founding fathers and other great people in American history, into an illusion show that educates and entertains all ages.

In this program I teach why America is different and why freedom is so important. 

Show highlights include....

  • Create a flag lesson of "Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag"
  • Freedom in America - pledge to continue to keep freedom alive and well
  • Founding Fathers' prediction - Which great person in America's history did my rabbit predict will make an appearance? - book this show to find out!
Teeth are Neat

Yes, I even have a dental hygiene show!

I teach the children the importance of taking care of their teeth with fun, and silly magic and balloons.

A few of the teachings include...

  • Giant toothbrush magic wand
  • Watch vanish and reappearance and the importance of flossing
Other Shows Available

If one of the above shows doesn't fit your needs other shows CAN be developed according to the message you want to be presented to your audience. Just give me enough lead time to prepare the show for you.  Note an additional fee for this may be required, but not necessarily, contact me for details

Topics include (but are not limited to)...

  • Any holiday themed type show (examples - Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, etc.)
  • Great magicians of the past
  • Traffic/Metro safety
  • Good nutrition
  • Religious messages
  • (Insert YOUR message here!)

I know you are wondering how much one of these great programs will cost to come to your preschool/daycare.

I realize that you have been charged with the stewardship of your church/school's assets and you must be accountable with that responsibility.  Since I am a full-time, professional entertainer, my starting fee for a preschool/daycare show is $350.00

(Note, I am available for shows outside of the Los Angeles, Orange County areas, but travel fees, lodging and per diem may be required, please call me on my cell 323-316-7131 for details).

However, just to encourage you to book me I'll offer you a... "Fast-Action" Discount!

"Fast-Action" Discount!

If you book within 5 days of asking for the info, just to save us both time I will give the "Fast Action" Discount!  (5 days should give you enough time to get approval, etc. - remember you can always call me to discuss any questions you or your committee may have).

Single Progam


"Fast Action" Price


Add'l Progams same day


only $200


Hurry!  Make sure you get your discount by booking before the countdown reaches "0"!

That is two programs for a fraction of the price of what some performers charge for only one show!  (Seriously, I know many magicians that charge $900 for only 1 show!)

I can't be any fairer than that! And remember my programs are 100% money-back GUARANTEED!  If you don't think it was appropriate and funny, I'll tear up your check!

(No one has EVER asked his/her money back in the 20+ years I've been performing AND I am often asked back over and over.)

Please fill out the form below to reserve me for your School/Daycare or Church School!

Please fill in as much information as you can.  If you would like to schedule more than 1 show, please select 1 show in the drop down menu and let me know about additional shows you might need in the "comments" section.  Thank you!
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