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with Gospel Illusions and Amazing Balloon Creations!

Hi Busy children's pastor,

Thank you for your request regarding one or more Gospel Illusion presentations for Your church/school. I offer several different Gospel Illusion shows, making sure there's a progam that is friendly to every one's needs. Regardless of what package you choose...

Jesus Christ is glorified! The Bible is preached AND...
your group will have a great time! GUARANTEED!

My Gospel illusion shows are developed for Christian schools and churches. Each show is typically forty five minutes long (however, I am flexible and can usually design a program to fit in with YOUR needs increasing or decreasing the actual show time) and includes great Bible teaching, Fun Magical Illusions and Amazing Balloon Creations. In addition to teachings on the specific theme of each program, I also include clear teaching on God's law, sin, grace and growing with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Check out the programs below for specific teachings.  After you decide what program/programs you'd like for Your church/school, just fill in the spiffy form at the bottom of the page.  Include the day/date/time you'd like my show.  Choose the show you'd like in the drop down menu.  If you'd like more than one show, mention that in the "comments" section and I will be in touch with you via phone or email.

To make it even easier for you, only a small deposit is required AFTER I confirm that I have the date/time available (I will send you details about how to make that deposit in another email).

For your convenience, the balance is due immediately FOLLOWING the performance via cash, check, money order or any major credit card.

Christian (Gospel) Magic Shows Available
Heroes Of The Bible

Together, we examine some favorite Old Testament heroes. Using illusion and audience participation I'll show how FAITH and ACTION combine in each of the following true stories to give God the glory. Additionally, I challenge the audience to be modern-day heroes for Jesus. Book today to challenge your students/families with these teachings...

  • Everlasting widow's oil - (II Kings 4) 
  • David and Goliath change places over and over - (II Samuel17)
  • Noah's ark and multiplying sponge rabbits - (Hebrew 11:7)
One Nation Under God

This show celebrates Christ in America. I combine elements of the Bible and quotes from America's founding fathers and other great people in American history, into an illusion show that educates and entertains all ages.

In this program I teach the Godly beliefs of many of the great people in our nation's past, we go to a magic spelling bee that is lot's of fun and finally show how Betsy Ross may have created the flag of the United States if she used "magic."

Show highlights include....

  • Multiplying money - "In God We Trust"
  • Create a flag lesson of "Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag"
  • Magical spelling bee - many Bible verses with references to America
  • Founding Fathers' prediction - Which great person in America's history did my rabbit predict will make an appearance? - book this show to find out!
The Joy Of The Resurrection

Jesus is alive EVERY day, not just on Easter Sunday. That is the theme of this show.

In this show we demonstrate how the believer has daily JOY in his or her heart because Christ is our hope and He's alive today.

A few of the teachings include...

  • Torn and restored newspaper (death and resurrection of Christ)
  • Handkerchief vanish and reappearance: Is Christ really alive? (of course He is!) (1Corinthians15)
  • Newspaper tree, Jesus is vine and we are the branches (John 15)
Make God Famous

Who are some Bible characters that made God famous in their day by doing the right thing?  How can we learn from their examples?  What can we do to make God famous today?

These questions and more are answered in this lively program.

Highlights include...

  • Multiplying sponge rabbits and Noah's ark (Genesis 6:11 -22)
  • Burned and restored handkerchief (Daniel 4)
  • The magic headband lesson of "good words" (Ephesians 4:29 )
  • Spotted handkerchief saved by grace (Isaiah 64:6, Ephesians 2: 8-9)
Life With Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?  What does He teach us about Jesus?  How can we have a life filled with Spirit today? These questions and more are answered in Life with Spirit.

Visual lessons include but are not limited to...

  • Shrinking glove trick/share with others (1Samuel 15:22 ,Matthew25:37-40)
  • Magic silk tie, Holy Spirit living in our lives (1John 5: 6-12)
  • Three rope illusion explaining the Trinity
  • Talking, moving picture of Peter the Apostle at Pentecost (Acts: 1-2)
The Total Christian

What does it mean to be a"Total Christian"?  In this show we examine with magical examples how we as Christians can develop our bodies, spirits (hearts), and minds to do the Lord's work.

Your group will enjoy...

  • Rudy loses his head in TV (1Peter 13)
  • Multiplying cards teaches going the extra mile (Matthew 5:41 -42)
  • Multiplying sponge rabbits teach about spirit of obedience (1 Samuel 15:22 )
The "Gift"

A Gospel Illusion show with a Christmas theme!

Due to popular demand by several schools, alot of prayer, and my wife's input, I developed this show.

The "Gift", Presented especially during the Christmas season answers these questions...

  • What is a gift? What is God's gift to us?
  • Is it free or do we have to pay for it?
  • What tree is better than a Christmas tree?
  • What was significant about the gifts that the magi brought to the child Jesus?
Other Shows Available...

If one of the above shows doesn't fit your needs other shows CAN be developed according to the message you want to be presented to your audience. Just give me enough lead time to prepare the show for you.

Note an additional fee for this may be required, but not necessarily, contact me for details at...

Additionally, I can, and have presented programs for an all adult or teenage audience.

Just let me know your audience type and I can tell you what would work best for your situation.

I know you are wondering how much one of these great programs will cost to come to <$company$>.

Let me just say that usually to bring a show of this caliber in a public school (of course that is without the great Gospel message), you would spend about $600.00 to $700.00 per assembly. I even know some school show performers that charge $800.00 to $1000.00 per assembly.

I don't do that! I realize that you have been charged with the stewardship of your church/school's assets and you must be accountable with that responsibility.  God has blessed me and my family which allows me to offer the program to you (in most of the Southern California Area, including travel fees) for only $500.00 per presentation with additional discounts available for multiple bookings on the same day.

(Note, I am available for shows outside of the Los Angeles, Orange County areas, but travel fees, lodging and per diem may be required, please call me on my cell 323-316-7131 for details).

However, just to encourage you to book me I'll offer you a... "Fast-Action" Discount!

"Fast-Action" Discount!

Single Progam


"Fast Action" Price


Add'l Progams same day


"Fast Action" Price

only $300 each


That is two programs for half the price of what some performers charge for only one show!!

I can't be any fairer than that! And remember my programs are 100% money-back GUARANTEED!
If you don't think it was appropriate, funny and spiritually sound, I'll tear up your check!

(No one has EVER asked his/her money back in the 20+ years I've been performing AND I am often backed over and over.)

Please fill out the form below to reserve me for your Christian School or Church!

Please fill in as much information as you can.  If you would like to schedule more than 1 show, such as a for a "Spirit Week", please select 1 show in the drop down menu and let me know about additional shows you might need in the "comments" section.  Thank you!

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