Hey pastor or family outreach coordinator,

Want to have a great family event with clear teaching about God’s law, sin, judgment, righteousness, grace and growing in Christ?

Just one of many testimonials of the 
Gospel Magic and Balloon Creations of 
by Reverend Harvey Simpson of Squeaky Clean Productions!

Here is a testimonial from a client for over 15 years!
Each year I do a series of show for their camps in Arroyo Grande, CA

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by all you have to do for your church/school?

As the children's pastor or school chapel coordinator, you have been given a huge responsibility.  You must plan programs (usually every week) that present God's message to believers AND seekers.  

You need to be assured that whatever you do, the children/families are presented with clear teaching about God's perfect Law and the salvation that God provides (grace), through His Son, Jesus Christ, to all who believe.

Plus in today's "microwave" society of instant gratification and short attention spans, you need to keep the programs original, fun, exciting AND maintain the great news of God's Word!

In summary, as a minimum the programs you schedule MUST meet the following criteria...


You don't want programs that scare the younger children, AND you don't want a program that is too "babyish" for the older children in the audience, plus you want the teachers/parents in your audience to enjoy and "learn a few things" too.

  • SAFE -

Parents trust children to your charge, so you have to keep the programs safe...both physically AND spiritually


All churches/schools have a budget, (and usually not a huge one) for the children's ministry/outside chapel speakers. Your guest speaker(s) must be affordable!


Your programs must clearly present God's message of law, sin, grace and redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ AND include elements of Christian living/growth for the Believers in the audience. (After all, that's whole purpose of your church/Christian school, right?)


You want the children/families to get excited about the teachings of Christ and fall in love with God and His Word... And have a great time while all this is happening!

  • SIMPLE -

Finally, you need to invite someone that does NOT have a lot technical requirements. Preferably a speaker/entertainer that can be set up in under five minutes and ready to go when you are!

Edgar White Principal -
Visalia Christian Academy, Visalia, CA

While it's easy to find 'entertaining' speakers, finding someone who also challenges the students spiritually is a rare treat. If you are looking for a guest who will hold your students attention while sharing God's Word, I encourage you to schedule Harvey Simpson at your Christian school or church

So How Do You Choose
an Entertainer/Speaker/Evangelist?

Sure, you'll find a lot of entertainers/speakers out there.  But how do you know who to choose?  How can you be sure they know how to provide age-appropriate solutions to meet your school's/church's needs, provide quality family entertainment, are Biblically sound, exciting for your group, and how can you feel certain you'll get the best possible value for your investment?

Invite a Christian Family Show Specialist

For your Christian church/school, you want entertainment that's visual, easy to understand, extremely funny and (of course) Biblically based.  Children love situational comedy, where crazy stuff happens and everyone enjoys the fun, adults enjoy the expert sleight of hand and verbal humor; add Bible messages to the presentation and children (and adults) will remember God's Word as they recall the show!  How great is that?!!!

You want someone who's spent years working on and perfecting his programs – preferably someone's who's performed thousands of times in front of live audiences.  You don't want a part-time entertainer, you want someone who's good enough to work as a

FULL-TIME Christian Family Show Professional!

Only by hiring an experienced professional who specializes in Christian family entertainment can you be certain you'll get the quality and value your church/school deserves.

How to Have an Experience Your Church/School Will Never Forget!

My name is HARVEY SIMPSON of Squeaky Clean Productions, Los Angeles, CA.  For over 25 years I’ve dedicated my time and God given talents to providing quality family entertainment for all ages!  I have performed hundreds of shows, in many different venues for thousands of people all over Southern California, and other states.  Additionally, at Christian schools and churches I present programs with clear Biblical teaching on God's law, sin, redemption, grace and growing in Christ.

How do I do this?  

I blend Fantastic Illusions, Expert Sleight of Hand, Hilarious Comedy, Silly Puppets & Live Animals, Amazing Balloon Creations and God's Word into an astounding, one-of-a-kind, family friendly show your group will NEVER forget!  Your church/school will have a great time and learn about God's unconditional love!

And I make it EASY on you!  When you invite me, I can also provide sound equipment so you have few technical requirements  I can present my shows indoors or outside in an evangelistic "outreach" setting (such as parks, beaches, campgrounds, etc.), it's your choice,  Since I became a born-again Christian over 20 years ago, I put together several different programs, each emphasizing different Biblical truths, but all illustrate the central Gospel message with clear teachings on God's Law & Perfection, Sin, Repentance, Redemption, Faith and Growing in Christ.

My name is HARVEY SIMPSON of Squeaky Clean Productions, for over 25 years I've dedicated my time and talents to making life easier for Moms and Dads all across Southern California on their child's special day.  How do I do this?I blend Fantastic Magic, Hilarious Comedy, Silly Puppets, and Amazing Balloon Creations into an astounding, one-of-a-kind, fun extravaganza your child, family, and entire neighborhood will NEVER forget!  And I make it EASY for you!  When you invite me, I can also provide party favors and other services, allowing you the luxury enjoying your child's party and not worrying about having to shop for party favors, etc.  When you contact me, ask about these additional services.

Heidi Secore Hillcrest Christian School, Granada Hills, CA

I appreciated the balance of fun and serious teaching, the children watch-ed eagerly and attentively...I know he touched the hearts of our children ... Harvey used original ideas in his presentations...

Object lesson in balloons from 2010- enjoy!
by Reverend Harvey Simpson of Squeaky Clean Productions!

What does God demand of us?
 Balloon object lesson at Zarephath Christian Church, Somerset County, New Jersey - 2010

Pat Gagan Principal -
Redeemer Lutheran School, South Gate, CA

Harvey Simpson? - His shows are high-quality, fast paced, hilarious and completely appropriate for his audiences... Book him!

The "Magic" of Sharing Christ!

Every Gospel Illusion show by HARVEY SIMPSON of Squeaky Clean Productions includes guaranteed “WOW!” moments some of which include...

  • Hilarious multiplying ball routine!
    Your guests will howl with laughter as the balls keep appearing from nowhere...and we can't stop them!
  • Rocky the Radical Raccoon’s  
    comedic antics will have the whole audience cheering and screaming with delight as he tries to take over the show!
  • Lots of audience participation -  Members of your group will join me onstage and help with the illusions. A few lucky volunteers will take home some of the most Amazing Balloon Creations you've ever seen.
  • Clear, Biblical teaching, taught by a licensed & ordained minister, blended seamlessly into the magic and comedy that will have your audience remembering God's truths long after the "show" is over
  • A live rabbit production... Most shows feature my bunny, Bandit that will symbolize the "new life" that Christ offers all who believe in Him and His work on the cross. After the show, photo opportunities may be available with my bunny, Bandit.  Bandit is not in all the shows, if you specifically want the bunny in the show, make sure you let me know when you book.

Here is a little snippet of the
Fantastic Family Fun Magic & Amazing Balloon Creation Show
of Harvey Simpson of Squeaky Clean Productions
(Wow! Try to say all that in one breath!)

(NOTE: Footage of Gospel Illusion shows coming soon!)

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Your families will say, "THANK YOU!" for inviting me, Harvey Simpson of Squeaky Clean Productions to your event!

For Him and His kingdom,
Magically and Balloonically, <------(not sure if that's a word?!)

The fun(niest) Christian/Family Entertainer in Southern California (or at least at my desk right now)!

Proclaiming the TRUTH of Christ in Fun
with Magic and Balloons since 1991!

P.S. As you might imagine, my calendar fills quickly. As one of the busiest family show pros in Southern California, the calendar can fill up weeks/months in advance depending on the day.. Why risk disappointing your group? I urge you to get more information or call the toll-free number NOW..

P.P.S. If you’re checking around for Christian Entertainment, make sure you ask these questions:

  • Do they specialize in Christian family entertainment? Or do they instead try to perform "for all occasions" and just add a Bible verse or two to their show?(Just look at their ad or website.  You'll see what I mean.)
  • Can they describe their shows in detail, or does it sound like they simply just “wing” each show?
  • How much experience do they have and what are their professional credentials? 
  • Are they full-time Family Show Professionals, and are they fully insured?

  • Are they licensed and/or ordained in their church to preach the Gospel?
  • Last and most importantly, can they make the same 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee of total customer satisfaction!?

I guarantee your Christian school/church will have a GREAT time, learn about God's perfect Law, and the Grace and Redemption He offers freely through His Son, Jesus Christ, to all who believe and follow Him or your money back!