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Hi, I'm Harvey. I can help your group have an incredible, fun, free and easy fundraiser.  (or as I like to say, "FUN-draiser"!)

STOP paying for mediocre school assemblies AND make extra $$ for your school.

This new FUNdraiser isn't new at all.  In fact, there are MANY schools, churches and other organizations that have benefited and CREATED FREE and EASY money using the EXACT same system that I am about to spell out for you below, why not join them and make some needed CASH for your school?! And remember there is NO FINANCIAL RISK for your school!  But first, here's quick horror story for you...

I know from experience how difficult
it is choose the right fundraiser...or... 
"Don't let this happen to you!"

My wife and I chose the wrong fundraiser once and instead of raising cash for our school, we lost money!   - Wow!  Were we surprised!

Back in the 2000's my wife and I were involved in a small private school, with a very low tuition cost.   Actually, she was the principal and I was the computer lab teacher.  So of course, we both wore many "hats" in our small school.  Our mission was to provide a private education for all that wanted one, regardless of GPA and family income.  To accomplish this we offset some of our costs with fundraisers.  We picked some good ones, and some not-so-good ones. 

We needed CASH to continue some of the programs that we offered at the school, so we found ourselves looking at the myriad of fundraisers that are available for schools.  We  chose what we thought would be a pretty easy solution, (at least according to the salesman who sold us a bill of goods)...

I won't go into the details here. Suffice it to say instead of raising several thousand dollars, we worked hard (for a few months), followed the company's directions and still we lost a couple thousand dollars!  At the time it really seemed like the ideal solution for our little school, but WE LOST MONEY instead of raising it (and wasted months of time that could have been used in more profitable ventures!)

Needless to say, this experience set me on a course to find the perfect fundraiser, so that other schools would NEVER lose money like we did!

After researching all of the different types of fundraisers, I found  the PERFECT, NO RISK, EASY FUNdraiser for schools, churches or civic clubs.  And it can be yours.

You have a lot to worry about... Finding quality assemblies and fundraising for your school shouldn't be part of your agenda... Let me help you!

It’s tough to be a fundraising chairperson and parent these days.

YOU have a lot on YOUR plate, you must juggle AND provide for the needs of your family and school. Plus with budget cuts, and the shrinking dollar, it’s just not that easy to raise the funds you need to make your school as awesome as it is...and IT’S GETTING HARDER EVERY YEAR!

THAT is why I have gone out of my way to make-sure this program is so super-simple, and honestly a “No-Brainer” for intelligent, success minded school professionals, such as yourself!  YOU and your School can win 100%, RISK-FREE-MONEY along with an absolutely amazing, interactive learning school assembly program that is profoundly educational, super fun, exceptionally exciting and astounding that makes YOU look great all at the same time! 

Read more to find out how to bring this to your school.

This new FUNdraiser isn't new at all.
(But it works like gangbusters!)

In fact, there are MANY schools, churches and other organizations that have benefited and CREATED FREE and EASY money using the EXACT same system that I am about to spell out for you below, why not join them and make some needed CASH for your school?!  And remember there is NO FINANCIAL RISK for your school!  

Quick recap of what this will do for your organization.

EASY money for your school!

Everyone will have a GREAT time!

Loved by all ages!

NO financial risk to your school!

Build community rapport!

PERFECT piece to fundraising puzzle!

No matter how you slice it, this exclusive, patented program affords you...

  • angle-right
    Yes, it's true - you DO NOT have to pay for a GREAT assembly program for your school! - It's included in your FUNdraiser!
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    A great inexpensive night out with the family is a plus.  YOU can be the school/organization that cares about its families and create the opportunity for family, fun bonding time.
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    100%, No Risk, Hassle FREE MONEY
    It doesn't cost your school anything!  Anything you make is profit to be used however you see fit.  Wanna fund a field trip, guest speaker or maybe a teacher/staff appreciation dinner?  You can do this with my FUNdraiser.  
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    It's true!  This will be the easiest and MOST FUN "Fun"drai$er that you have ever done for your group!

Here it is: 
Harvey Simpson's
FUNdrai$er Magic & Balloon Show!

But this isn't ANY old magic show.  
This show will have your families howling with laughter and WANT to give your group MORE $$ for your organization because of the great time they will have at the event.  

  • 1
    FUNtastic Family Magic and Balloon Show: During the two hour show, your families will laugh with side-splitting comedy.  Be amazed at during the fun magic portions and go bananas trying to figure out just what balloon sculpture Harvey is crafting on stage for a lucky person!
  • 2
    Harvey has over 28 years entertaining ALL age groups: So no matter the age of your audience, there is something great for everyone.
  • 3
    Very little technical requirements: which makes the PERFECT, EASY Fundraiser for your group.
  • 4
    SIMPLE to set up, promote and sell: I give you ALL the tools you need to make this completely successful, fun AND easy!
  • 5
    Guaranteed Success that brings YOU Cash:  I provide you ALL the digital tools that you need to ensure HUGE success!   twenty

About  Harvey

Harvey Simpson

FUNdraising Specialist

I make my full-time living as a magician/balloon artist.

I began my full-time career in the late '80s at the tender age of 18.  I began working as a "house magician" at the Magic Island in Newport Beach, Ca.  I was fortunate enough to associate with some of the biggest names in magic at the time.  A couple of them became life-long friends/mentors and one actually showed me how to make a living doing magic.  (He opened up his books for me and taught me marketing, showmanship, etc.

When not performing at birthday parties, I also entertain/educate at schools and churches with my Edutainment Magic Shows (public schools/libraries/parks), or my Gospel Illusion shows (Christian Schools and Churches - I am also an ordained minister and senior pastor at Highland Park Christian Church in Los Angeles).

About 18 years ago, I started practicing the art of  "extreme" balloon sculpting.  Now I am one of the top balloon artists in Southern California and also associate with some of the greatest balloon artists around the world!

Finally, I've been EXTREMELY HAPPILY married for over 27 years.  My bride, Denise and I have 2 kiddo girls, both in college, 1 in graduate school who is almost a chiropractor and the other majoring in deaf studies and culture.

As a family man, I know what makes families laugh!  

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