Hello friend,

Thank you for booking my show!

I look forward to entertaining you, your family and/or friends with my FUNtastic Family Magic and/or Amazing Balloon Creations! 

Assuming I have the day/date available I will send you confirmation of my booking for your show.

I am looking forward to corresponding with you and entertaining you and your guests!

If I do NOT have the day/time available, I will contact you via the mobile number you provided and discuss alternate solutions before I send you back a confirmation.  

I am NOT an agency, however I have a small team of people that I work with that I trust to do a great show for you.  We can discuss this when I call you IF your preferred date/time is not available and we cannot change your party date/time. Fair enough?

I am looking forward to corresponding with you and entertaining your guests!

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concerning your upcoming show.

I will send you confirmation details, a Paypal link to secure your date by making a Paypal deposit, and other "goodies" designed to make this EASY and FUN for you!

Magically and Balloonically (<--------- not sure if that's a real word??)

Harvey Simpson
Squeaky Clean Productions

As a BONUS "Thank You" for booking me please accept
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This is my "birthday party" guide, but some things are applicable to all parties.  Thanks again!