Frequently Asked Questions...

If any of your questions is not answered on this page, please email me at and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

So are you an agency?
Can I book clowns, characters and other types of entertainment through you?

The short answer is “NO,” Squeaky Clean Productions is NOT an agency, it exists to solely represent, me, Harvey Simpson with my Fantastic Fun Family Magic Show and Amazing Balloon Creations.  I do, however, recommend other professionals that I have has worked with in the past if I am not available for your event.  Although I am NOT an agency, I want to make sure you get excellent service for your “one of a kind” event, so if I’m not available, I may be able to set up another performer for you.  And if you need other types of entertainment for your birthday party (in addition to magic and/or balloons), again, I can recommend professional colleagues, just let me know!

 Why don't you list your prices on your website?

Basically, because of all the different packages and fees available, the site would be WAY too big and just confuse my clients. The best thing to do, if you haven’t done so already, is to fill in the form (which I have conveniently recreated below), to receive via e-mail my various packages and pricing information. This gives you a chance to review it at your leisure and select the package that best fits within your needs/budget. By the way, most of the packages are adaptable, if you want to change something in the package, just let me know, and we’ll see what we can work out together.

Do you do events other than birthday parties?

You are on the ‘Birthday Party” site for Squeaky Clean Productions, but basically if you need entertainment for ANY family-type event, I can help! Venues include but are not limited to libraries, schools, churches, parks and recreation, family reunions, scout meetings/banquets, award banquets, or any other place families gather for fun!

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Note: Not all event websites are built yet, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, email me at ​or call me on my toll free number below on the page below and I'll be happy to discuss how I can help you make your event Amazing, Unforgettable and Fun!

You seem to really be promoting your balloons, what if I just want a magic show, without balloons? Can you do that?

Of course! Amazing Balloon Creations are just a part of what I can offer you. If you want a magic show with NO balloons, just request that when you book the program, and I’ll be happy to grant your wish!

What if I want just balloons and no magic show, can you do that?

Yep! That is actually one of the packages that you will get to choose from when you request more information via the neat-o form at the bottom of the page.

Can I can see you LIVE to help me make my decision?

Sure! Go to my facebook page and “like” my page. Then you will get weekly updates on where I am performing in a public setting (such as restaurants, libraries, malls etc.). You probably won’t be able to see me at a private event (unless, of course, you have been invited to the event from the event host, duh!). But my public shows/appearances should give you an idea on what to expect at your child’s birthday party.

I’d like you to do all the balloons for the children in advance to save time at the party, can you do that?

Sometimes, depends on how many Amazing Balloon Creations you need made. I would have to set aside the time BEFORE your event to build them.  Email me at or call to discuss fees, options, etc.

Your balloons look like they would be great centerpieces! Can I hire you just for the centerpieces or add it to any package that I select?

Absolutely! For an additional fee, I can do that. Again, email ( me or call to discuss options for your event!

Can you decorate my party with balloons (arches, columns, etc)?

Of course. See my balloon decorations portfolio at Balloon decorating must be set up before your event and I have to allow time in my schedule for your “balloon build”. So please call me or email me to discuss the options for your party!

If any of your questions is not answered on this page, please email me at and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Thanks for reading, hope this helped!

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