The Fun of Learning How To Make Balloon Animals
Plus The Delight of a Magic Show 

Learning how to make balloon animals has never been SO MUCH FUN!  Imagine the look on all the faces when they are surrounded by hundreds of inflated balloons...then tell them there's a magic show as well!

A great experience for ALL!

Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura and San Bernardino county kids and families love the Ultimate Magic Show and Balloon Twisting Experience. You get a hilarious 40 minute FUN-tastic Family Magic Show by Harvey (including his little furry friend) AND a one hour, hands-on Balloon Twisting workshop by Harvey and his multiple bags of PREINFLATED Balloons.  (YES, that's right, the balloons are all set to go!  All you need to provide is willing folks that would like to learn to twist balloons!)  

Your group TWISTS their own balloon animals
and C-R-A-Z-Y hats!

The FUN-tastic Family Magic Show by Harvey and Balloon Twisting Experience is one of Southern California's favorite family experiences. The truth is adults have as much fun as the kids.  Everyone wants to try Balloon Twisting, even just once.  Now they can!

This is very popular with company family days, corporate fun days, schools, church groups as well as private parties.

Book the FUNtastic Family Magic Show and Balloon Twisting Experience for YOUR Next Event and Watch YOUR Group Scream with Delight!

Your guests leave happy... very happy.

The Ultimate Magic Show and Balloon Twisting Experience is colouful, noisy, extremely photogenic and very, very memorable.

Magic and Balloon Fun that gets people mixing, laughing and talking at your event and about your event.

(Of course you can have balloon twisting fun without the FUN-tastic Family Magic Show. Just book Harvey and his Bags of Balloons. It’s a heap of fun on it’s own but really, that’d be like Barbie without Ken, Peanut Butter without Jelly or Han without Leia.

An Incredible Balloon Workshop That Involves Everyone!
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See those smiles above?
That's the motivation that keeps ME going.

What you need (and Harvey provides) when booking an event...

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  • * 100% money-back guaranteed! *
  • * Affordable! *
  • * Awesome "in house" field trip! *
  • * Harvey is VERY easy to work with! *
  • * Over 25 years entertaining and teaching all ages! *

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Magic & Balloon Show Only

45 minute FUNtastic Family Magic Show

Any Amount of Children


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The BEST option!

Magic & Balloon Show and Balloon Twisting Workshop

20 Min FUNtastic Family Magic Show
60 minute Balloon Workshop

Up 30 children
($10 each additional child.)


with the internet discount only...


Balloon Twisting Workshop Only

60 minute Balloon Workshiop

Up 30 children
($10 each additional child.)


with the internet discount only...


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