Check out the following photos and then text/call Harvey back at with the VIP Hat(s) you are interested in for your party, and get a quote.  If you'd like a different style, Harvey can probably do that for you and send you a photo of a sample that is not included below.

1. Squid

2. Rainbow Woven

3. Heart and Flower

4. Spiral Fancy

5. Rainbow Crown

6. Fancy Tiara

7. Spacey Looking

8. Rainbow Sombrero

9. Fancy Pointy

10. Fancy Headdress

11. Coiled Flower

12. Funny Caterpillar

13. Braided Crown

14. White Fancy

15. White Fancy

16. Multicolored Coil

17. Fancy Tiara

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FUNtastic Family Magic and Amazing Balloon Creations

June 20


Balloon VIP Hats

By Harvey

June 20, 2018

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