Here is a photo gallery of just a FEW of the balloon decorations that Squeaky Clean Productions can do for your event.

This, of course, takes pre-planning and consultation.  It is available as an "add on" to any event in which Harvey is performing as magician and/or balloon artist. 

balloon "stoplight" arch

can even be brought inside
to decorate your hall

large (18 foot) air inflated arch held up with magnets

getting the base of the arch ready for hanging and display

large sculptures for
your event

not quite "life size" Statue of Liberty, but pretty big

large balloons for gifts/banquet table pieces too

life-size gollfer

balloons for grand opening of
3 World Cafe, Los Angeles

yep, they can be pretty big
for your event

great way to call attention to your business

balloon decorations can be moved around as you see fit

"under the sea" theme for a church movie night

left side of display

more "under the sea" balloon themed movie event

right side of display

balloon "wall" with birthday child's name

themed female mouse "minnie column"

more "under the sea" balloon themed movie event

a mini minnie column this is about 1 foot high, great for fence posts