Check out the following photos and then text/call Harvey back at with the candy cups you are interested in for your party, and get a quote.  If you'd like a different style, Harvey can probably do that for you (and send you a photo of a sample that is not included below.

1. Zombie

2. Wedding Flower

3. Under the Sea

4. Standing Flower

5. Spiderman

6. Spider

7. Soccer/Sports Ball

8. Smiley Faces

9. Large Blossom

10. Goalie

11. Fancy Flower

12. Fancy Flower 2

13. Fancy Flower 3

14. Emojis

15. Butterfly

16. Bundles

14. Rocket Ship

 - Squeaky Clean Productions -
FUNtastic Family Magic and Amazing Balloon Creations

June 20


Balloon Candy Cups

By Harvey

June 20, 2018

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