Frequently Asked Questions...

If any of your questions is not answered on this page, please email me at and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

So are you an agency?
Can I book clowns, characters and other types of entertainment through you?

Ok, so you are not an "agency"...but can you just "do" the whole party for us, so that all we have to do is write a check and enjoy our kiddos 1st birthday?

Why don't you list your prices on your website?

Do you do events other than birthday parties?

You seem to really be promoting your balloons, what if I just want a magic show, without balloons?
Can you do that?

What if I want just balloons and no magic show, can you do that?

Can I can see you LIVE to help me make my decision?

I'd like you to do all the balloons for the children in advance to save time at the party.  Can you do that?

Your balloons look like they would be great centerpieces!  Can I hire you to create the centerpieces for my party or add it on to any package that I select?

Can you decorate my party with balloons? (Arches, columns, candy cups, etc.)

Thanks for reading, hope this helped!

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